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This Wikia Is Made For My Fan Fiction And NOT The Official Manga And Anime.

Please Don't Use This For Details Of The Canon Story Because This Is An Alternative Universe.

Dates In The Wikia Will Use The ASBI System And BSBI System. ASBI Means Years 'After Steel Beam Incident' And BSBI Means 'Before Steel Beam Incident'

All Credit Goes To Artists Who Made The Art That Is Included On This Wikia

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There Will Be A Total Of Five Fan Fictions Based In The Alternative Universe Which All Follow The Kaneki Family.

Some Story Plots Are Similar But The Thing That Kicks Off This Alternative Universe Is Yoriko Kosaka (Touka's Best Friend) Turning Into A Half Ghoul

Below You Can See Who The Story Mainly Follows

Story One - The New World - Ken Kaneki & Yoriko Kosaka

Story Two - Mei's Life - Mei Kaneki

Story Three - High School And Hell On Earth - Ken Kaneki & Mei Kaneki

Story Four -

Story Five -

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